Sacred Body

Sacred Body — Physicality as the Soul’s Expression

“The Work” as it is experienced within the domain of your body meets your physicality as both an expression and sensor of your soul. It is in the substance of your body that the deep tensions of the psyche bind the flow of the soul and the free movement of life by inhibiting the open living spirit of being expressing itself in and as form.

The body has its own language. Learning to discern the language of your body is a matter of restoring an innate sensitivity whereby you can enter into deep contact with your direct experience through the gateway of your body’s awareness, intelligence and perception. The body is both informing and informed by the soul. The sacred alliance between body and soul when explored directly with reverence, respect, curiosity and wonder begins to reveal and open a capacity for greater contactfulness both internally and externally.

Many people ascribe enlightenment as a function of our invisible being thinking of the soul as separate from the body. It is our experience that enlightenment extends into and through the body as expressed soul. To cultivate the awakening of the sacred body is to open up the innate capacities to know intimately and directly the flow of life, light and love through the cells, organs, tissues and systems of the body.

The body inspired by the breath and inspirited by the soul harbors the potentiality for enlightened and informed living and being. To know your body deeply and intimately, to feel the flow of your soul and hear the intelligence of its understanding penetrating beyond words is to know your self in a very particular way as the miracle of life.

Sacred body as an exploration of the physicality of expressed soul utilizes the use of physical and energetic touch, breath, mindful awareness practices, sound, rhythm and movement for the purpose of unwrapping and unwinding the physical tensions that obstruct the free flow of the soul.

“The Work” of Sacred Body draws from an understanding of a human being as a system of energy flows as taken from the traditions of Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Traditional Chinese Medicine in conjunction with the modern day understanding of psychodynamics including the work of both Bioenergetics, Core Energetics and Diamond Heart.

Sacred Body is the process of freeing your physical expression from the constrictions of the ego — it is the process of dissolving and melting “the body of fear.” As the obstructions that shape the body of fear dissipate, what emerges is “the body of love” — the open, natural body that simply allows the free expression and flow of the soul.

“Divine am I inside and out.
And I make holy whatever I touch,
and whatever touches me.”

— Walt Whitman              

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