Personal Work

Personal Work

The personal work of discovering and growing your own SpiritHeart and accessing and developing “Essential Well-BE-ing” is exactly that — “personal.” The purpose of the work is to meet you where you are, in the moment, and respond to the uniqueness of your situation and your need. You may have little or no awareness of your inner life, you may have been on your path for several years or you may have been on your path for decades. Wherever you are, it is “your work” and you will be met. As you review the following broad categories you will have a sense of your embarkation point on this part of your journey.

Introductory/Basic Awakening and Entering into Your SpiritHeart:

Our meeting would address some specific challenge you are facing in your life. This challenge may be on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level and most often it is a combination of these aspects. If you are new to the world of healing and inner development, you may be considering the work because you want help with a physical or emotional issue which has failed to respond to or resolve when treated allopathically or therapeutically. You may be seeking the work as a support in conjunction with traditional venues. You may be deeply interested in and curious about finding organic ways to discover, grow and expand the experience of well-being in your life. Or you may be longing for an increased sense of spirituality and don’t know where to begin. Whatever your challenge, pain or longing, if you have interest in our work, please feel free to call or e-mail to see if our orientation is right for you.

Intermediate/Developing and Growing Your SpiritHeart
and “Essential Well-BE-ing”:

You have done personal work for a number of years and have an allegiance and interest in cultivating your personal development and spiritual growth. You are deeply committed to exploring the dynamics of your conscious awareness and your body/mind complex as an expression and sensor of your soul. You will be moving into the deeper investigation of the relationship between your ego (false self) and your True Self. You will be exploring “blind spots” in your psyche and in your life situations. You will be uncovering the overt and subtle ways that your inner critic or judge usurps your life force and sabotages your best efforts for self-discovery and fulfillment. You will learn tools to strengthen and expand the flow of energy and vitality of your physical body as a support for emotional stability and a quiet mind. This overall strengthening of the body/mind dynamic will allow you to enter more deeply into your personal process and afford you a deeper understanding and a subsequent unwrapping and unwinding of the tensions that bind both your body and your psyche. You will come to know your Self, your soul, in a more intimate and personal way. You will build the foundation and basic understanding of your own “Essential Well-BE-ing.”

Advanced/Maturing In and As The Cosmic Heart:

You have been on your path for several decades and your life is guided by your inner movement. You’re moving into an ever-deepening alignment and expression of your soul within every part of your life. You have greater awareness of the oneness of life and look deeply and open heartedly to see into and through the situations of your life for the underlying meaning and guidance.

“For the Hindu mystic, every human being is one with Brahman in his or her Atman — his or her divine self or soul. The aim of human life is to know the Atman consciously and to live the calm, fearless, and selflessly loving life that arises from this knowledge.”
— The Upanishads 

For further information please contact Catherine or call 770.804.9270