Personal Protocol

Personal Protocol and Practice

One of the greatest supports for growing “Essential Well-BE-ing” and cultivating your inner life is through the support of a personal practice. Again, depending on the level of your experience, your protocol and practice will be designed to meet your temperament, your life style and your personal need as governed by your particular situation and level of experience. Please note that if you believe you can’t meditate and can’t sit still, there are “moving meditations” and forms that can be adapted for you.

Most often a practice will include the following components:

  • Movement
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness Practices

The basics of a practice includes a component of movement designed to stimulate, strengthen and support the flow of “Chi,” the life force. Simultaneously, your practice eases energetic blocks relieving surface tensions and over time impacting deeper patterns of holding that you have carried through your life.

While strengthening your muscles, the flow of your blood and increasing your oxygen intake, you will also grow an increased sensitivity with respect to your understanding and awareness of your body as you grow your ability to recognize and sense the flow of energy in your body. As harmony is restored or supported in your physical body, a healthy, balanced open flow of energy also brings greater peace to your mind and your heart.

Working with breathing exercises increases your oxygen intake, supports your overall level of vitality and induces relaxation. Additionally, work with the breath serves to balance and harmonize the flow of energy in the body as well as increasing the level of “Chi.” Particular breathing exercises can address certain areas of the body/mind complex with the intention of strengthening or clearing particular energy centers or stimulating or calming the flow of energy depending on what’s needed.

Beyond these benefits, the most profound impact of working with the breath is its capacity to nourish the soul and connect you to the depth of your being. The breath is one of the most direct ways through which a human being can both touch and be touched by Spirit, and ultimately as the practice deepens to become one with Spirit as you know your self as inspirited BE-ing. The breath is the banquet through which we are given very specific nutrients for our soul.

As a deeper relationship is cultivated with our inner being through the awareness of the breath, it is a natural bridge for developing and growing a meditation practice. On the purely physical level the benefits are tangible, measurable and fairly immediate. Meditation is recognized for its effectiveness in stress management — impacting blood pressure, heart rate, neurotransmitters, brain function and mood enhancement. (Reference HeartMath and Massachusetts Stress institute.)

For those seeking to discover and develop the greater capacities and spectrums of their humanity, it is a primary component — the basic, essential substantive food that provides real support for knowing and growing the depth of your being. It is in patiently cultivating mindful awareness and growing your capacity for the delicate, sensed, experiential reality of your inner universe that the mystery of your life — your humanity, your divinity, your sacredness, your vastness, your depth and the infinitude of your being — will unfold. Meditation is a key ingredient in unwrapping the gift of your Self.

Over time the capacity for stillness, silence and quietude allows you the grace and gift of inner guidance — to know in a felt way what supports your life — the totality of your life. Meditation supports you in knowing experientially and cellularly from the inside out — what supports your whole being.

As mindful awareness is cultivated through movement, breathing and meditation, its greatest impact occurs as it becomes part of your everyday life. That is to bring this increased sensitivity of your self — body, mind, heart and soul — to your activities, your relationships and your work. To allow mindful awareness to be your conduit for living who you really are — growing the ability to recognize when you are reactive and caught in the web of your history and habitual patterning, and when you are simply relaxed, present and naturally, spontaneously, heartfully and intelligently responsive to the moment.  

". . . grant that I may become beautiful in my soul within, and that all my external possessions may be in harmony with my inner self."

— Plato       

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