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More about SpiritHeart and “Essential Well-BE-ing”

“SpiritHeart” is a word with multiple meanings that can be understood and experienced on many levels. Our name, “SpiritHeart” is meant to serve as both an invitation and a gateway to a greater reality. A reality that in other times has been understood by the mystics and sages who lived life knowing and growing an ever deepening understanding of what it means to be a human being. Thus SpiritHeart is dedicated to the evolution of humankind through supporting people in their own developmental process of awakening — each person’s individual journey of exploring and growing their greater humanity — their True Nature.

As you open to the possibility of your own deeper heart, your innermost heart — as you genuinely have the desire to know the heart of your soul, you also step across a threshold that will begin your journey of exploring and experiencing the reality of your “SpiritHeart” — and discovering what “SpiritHeart” means for you both personally and collectively.

Simply stated, it can be said that SpiritHeart is a recognition of Spirit as the Heart of all life. Joining the words “Spirit” and “Heart” points to “Spirit” as the inherent vivifying force and loving intelligence that brings life to all things. From our perspective, Spirit is the dynamic quality of life — that which is the essence of a person or thing which is unique. Furthermore, SpiritHeart is a recognition of “Spirit” as both the ground of “being” as well as the “Heart” and centering power of all life.

In conjunction with this global recognition, within a human being, SpiritHeart can also be interpreted as a point of focus on the impact of Spirit, through our breath, as our direct link to the Divine. In a very literal way, Spirit — as “inspiration” — initiates and sustains the rise and fall of our breath, and ignites the rhythmic beat of our heart.

The wave of our breath and the beat of our heart are the tangible and ever present reminders that we are the children of something far greater than our family of origin. It helps us remember, awaken and know that as human beings we are inspirited and inspired and that it is our spiritsoul manifest in matter that creates and sustains the physical expression of our body. It is our spiritsoul that gives life to our thoughts and emotions. It is our spiritsoul that is reflected in and through our eyes. It is our spirit that is the vivifying agent of our soul and the heart of our being which gives rise to our expressed form – our physical manifestation.

SpiritHeart can be interpreted as the “heart of the soul.” Given the formlessness of the pure soul, it can be said that the “heart of the soul,” is the quality of love and intelligence that penetrates and informs the soul. SpiritHeart is the centering and sustaining power of love that is the ground of the whole person. SpiritHeart as breath, life, love and intelligence is the underlying fabric of all creation. The primal nourishment that gives and sustains life. Thus everyone and everything is held within and part of SpiritHeart as the heart of the Divine — the one Heart that is in all and holds all — the heart of the Great One or the One Great Heart.

The poet Kabir spoke of “the breath within the breath.” In the context of SpiritHeart, Spirit is meant to represent the Mystery — the breath within the breath, the life within the life, the intelligence within the intelligence and the love within the love. As we are moved by this intelligence and love to turn inward to our own heart, we grow our capacity to deeply know the truth of our innermost being. Turning inward to seek the guidance of our own innermost heart links us to this deeper intelligence of our inner or true being and brings a greater wisdom and understanding of our self, our life and our relationship to the cosmos.

“The little space within the heart is as great as the vast universe.
The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun and the moon and the stars.
Fire and lightening and winds are there, and all that now is and all that is not.”

— The Upanishads
To attend to and attune to your SpiritHeart is an act of turning to the heart of your soul. This is the movement away from identification with your personality or “little I” — your ego identification and who you’ve taken yourself to be based on your history — into the discovery, unveiling and remembering of your “Greater I.” It is the process of coming to know yourself — who and what you are — in a very profound and intimate way. Your journey to your SpiritHeart is a journey of recovery and restoration — recovery of your True Nature and restoration in your consciousness through the immediate and direct experience of your essential nature and the qualities of love, intelligence, joy and peace that are the fiber of your being and the field of life.

Accessing your SpiritHeart is your key to a wellspring of resources — strength, wisdom, vitality, compassion and so much more. To begin to discover the truth and potency of your innermost heart is the greatest resource of a human being. It is the doorway to growing the fullness, depth and breadth of your genuine humanity and the cornerstone of “Essential Well-BE-ing”.

“Essential Well-Be-ing” is characterized by a quiet mind, a peaceful heart, a relaxed body and present moment awareness. The experience of “Essential Well-BE-ing” opens an underlying spring of resources which begins to arise naturally as you discover and open to the inherent wholeness and intactness of your essence as the living spirit, intelligence and flow of your soul which is simultaneously informing and expressing both through and as the complex of your body, mind and heart.

As “Essential Well-BE-ing” is cultivated it becomes a vital force for the on-going evolution of an individual’s consciousness characterized by awareness, attunement, alignment and authenticity. With the complex of the body~mind~heart acting simultaneously as a sensor and experiencer, “Essential Well-BE-ing” is a unifying experience that supports a sense of coherence wherein the soul is infusing and informing the whole person.

The struggle between the perceived parts, the egoic identities, begins to ease. The body, mind, emotions and spirit are no longer fighting with each other. Rather there is a growing sense of acceptance, compassion and understanding for all aspects of one’s being and an awakening sense of an underlying reality that is greater and that has the capacity to hold all the “parts”. A single underlying intelligence, the “isness” of True Nature now orchestrates and synchronizes the movement of the “whole life.”

The innate, intelligent organizing dynamic of “Essential Well-BE-ing” then supports discovering, knowing and embodying wholeness as a process of ever-changing flow. This is a quantum movement in understanding well-being as an arising evolution of greater and infinite possibilities as opposed to an idea or image of wellness that views it as more a static and fixed state. “Essential Well-BE-ing” allows the dynamic arising of the qualities necessary and appropriate to meet life with present moment awareness and the ability to respond.

Both “SpiritHeart” and “Essential Well-BE-ing” are grounded in the principles of interconnectedness, interrelatedness and interpenetratedness — a holistic view. So as you read our material, you will periodically see our use of the wave sign “~” — as you do above — between body~mind~heart~soul.

We have chosen to use this symbol to help grow a mindful awareness of our human organism as a system of relationships that are intimately connected through the uninterrupted and mutual influence which the “perceived parts” exert upon each other. Additionally, the wave sign “~” is symbolic of flow. It reflects the movement that is actually taking place within a human being as a dynamic center of awareness and expression wherein life is unfolding itself through us as a living dynamism and limitless possibilities. And finally, the use of this wave sign “~” is reflective of the Infinite as the unending Mystery — the ocean of life that sources and holds all — the Living Spirit of life itself.