Meet Catherine

Meet Catherine

Catherine Anthony, D.Min. is the founder of SpiritHeart an Atlanta based company that supports people in their personal growth, development and transformation to have “Essential Well-BE-ing” — an experience of wholeness and integrity that nourishes the vitality of body, mind, heart and soul. For more than 30 years, her life has been dedicated to the study of energy, consciousness, healing, mindful awareness and the practice of growing spirituality as part of everyday life. Catherine is an “everyday mystic” who knows that a direct connection with and knowledge of the Divine through personal and immediate experience is a natural, necessary and life sustaining part of our humanity.

Since 1984, she has applied that study and understanding in her work with clients and groups as a guide, healer and teacher in supporting people to experience their personal connection with their essential Self through growing their own experience of True Nature as inspirited being and embodied soul. Through the years, Catherine has worked with imbalance and pain in every form — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

In helping to open the door of compassion, understanding and conscious awareness, she has helped many people discover a state of increased well-being for body, mind, heart and soul as they’ve learned to live life from the inside out — growing an integrity of BE-ing and expanded capacity for greater harmony, vitality and peace. For some “the work” has focused on easing physical and emotional suffering, for some she has been the catalyst in support of a spiritual birth. For others who have been on a spiritual path for many years and seek to deepen their journey, she is a rare and precious resource.  (Healing Into Essential Well-BE-ing

Her own journey with pain was a driving force in her life that began in early childhood. On an outer level, it might seem her search for relief guided the pathway of her years of study. The wisdom of time has clarified that the path of study was and continues to be guided by her soul.

In working with the multidimensionality of the human experience, Catherine explored many different avenues and disciplines to discover what genuinely allows people to experience well-being in a real way. A well-being that includes the whole person. It is the blending of these disciplines and her broad base of practice and experience that makes her work so unique. (Please reference the History of Study chronicling the breadth and depth of the disciplines and trainings that have influenced her work.)

Through her explorations she discovered that the answer was not to be found in a single avenue or discipline. She found value in everything that she studied and experienced, but it was a painstaking process of gathering up clues to solve the mystery of what supports genuine well-being. Something was missing in a spirituality removed from the body; a psychotherapy that excluded the body and/or the spirit; bodywork that didn’t consider the emotions and the soul; healing and energy work that didn’t include a person’s own direct experience and the value of their own perceptions. It was through her personal struggle and the impact of all that she had explored that she slowly came to a deeper understanding and realization of genuine well-being.

What Catherine discovered through her own experience is that real well-being sources from the “spiritsoul” as the foundation for the well-being of the body, mind and emotions. It is the “spiritsoul” that is the life force that infuses and gives rise to the mind and emotions all of which penetrate and shape the body. Spirit and soul intermingle — Spirit as the vivifying agent soul the expressed life. The “spiritsoul” is the ground of being — the ground of existence.

And this underlying life of the “spiritsoul” both influences and is influenced by all that touches us through our human experience as it impresses and impacts our body, heart and mind. There is a mutual penetration of the “spiritsoul” impacting and expressing through our manifest being and the experiences of our manifest being impacting and affecting the flow of our “spiritsoul.”

The work of SpiritHeart and "Essential Well-BE-ing" is the work of supporting individuals in the human journey of discovering and exploring Divine Relationship in a personal way within one's self — intra-psychically, with others — interpersonally, and with life itself in all its forms.

Catherine brings  “Moving into Essential Well-BE-ing” to the community, impacting organizations and businesses, through a variety of experiential workshops which promote well-being and mindful awareness at work and play. Most notable is the special offering of Ah-Chi-Yo (a unique combination of yoga, Tai Chi, breathwork and sound) — which supports stress relief and contributes to a greater overall sense of balance, harmony and peace.

As her work developed, Catherine also created a number of workshops including “Beloved of God”, “Living into the Gentle Embrace” and “Dwelling in the Cosmic Heart.” Additionally, her dissertation, “Bringing Heaven to Earth — Healing Our Selves and Healing Our World” is a compendium of teachings, practices and chants inspired by the writings of the mystics of multiple traditions to support an individual in discovering inroads to their own mystical knowing and to grow community through sharing spiritual insights and experiences. 

Early on in her work, she wrote a series of articles under the heading “The Journey Home” published in the newsletter  “New Consciousness.” She is currently in the process of reviewing, and reorganizing the body of her work as she is now ready to begin to share it with a larger audience. If you are interested in knowing about upcoming offerings, please share your contact information, and you will be notified about the forthcoming work. (Contact)


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