SpiritHeart’s Healing into "Essential Well-BE-ing:"
The Journey from "self" to Self

“SpiritHeart” both as a name and symbol honors the greater reality within which we live our life. It is a reminder that Spirit, as the vivifying power, is the heart of all life — the One Source giving rise to all being. It is in connecting deeply, intimately and personally with the heart of our being, with our divine or essential nature that we can we give birth to the fullness of our humanity, and to our ability to embrace and live life as our True Self.

Healing into "Essential Well-BE-ing" supports you in this process of giving birth to who you really are through the exploration of your intra-personal dynamics — the interplay of your body~mind~heart~soul and the inter-personal dynamics of your relationships with other(s) — people, places, things, nature and the Cosmos.

All of life is lived in relationship. And although we exert an enormous amount of effort in working to establish “healthy, loving” relationships, within our self and with others, there frequently is an undercurrent of silent antagonism accompanied by false compromises to “make things work out.” These behaviors are often accompanied by an on-going struggle wherein people resort to setting false boundaries as a means of protection. The resulting difficulties we often encounter in both our intra- and inter-personal exchanges and interactions can manifest as chronic levels of physical, mental and emotional tension, an overall feeling of unease and a quality of guardedness that prevents genuine, satisfying, authentic interactions.

The on-going struggle with these difficulties takes place because we falsely identify with our ego, the person we believe we are, as influenced by our environment, enculturation and education. This ego identification places us at odds with, and prevents us from having in-depth contact with our essential or True Self. Our essential or True Self, free of false and self-defeating identifications, is the sacred or divine essence within and through us. This is our genuine foundation, the truth of who we are; and this True Self is infinite, limitless, boundless and eternal.

Unless we learn about, and come to know and understand, the sacred within ourselves, we will be unable to recognize it in others and in life at large. The greater our distance from our True Self, the more our life appears as a constant battle, mentally, emotionally and even physically. There is an underlying sense of unease within our inner world and with those with whom we interact. Mired in experiences of effort and struggle, living in the false self, the miracle of life remains unseen and unknown and there is a painful lack of connectedness, playfulness, spontaneity and joy.

Albert Einstein said:

“There are two ways to live,
as if nothing were a miracle,
or as if it all is.”

The capacity to know this miracle of life in each moment is the treasure held by the mystics and wisdom teachers through the ages. They have made the journey to the heart of being.

Is it time for you to make your journey? If you are longing for genuine, wholeness, well-being and peace, then the healing you require is your movement into “Essential Well-BE-ing.” This healing must occur in your relationship with and experience of True Nature for you are longing for your Self.

The Invitation

A gift awaits you friend
in the innermost recesses of your heart.
Travel inward and find the treasure.
Unwrap your soul.

Uncover the truth of your BE-ing,
then come forward, firmly grounded,
secure in what you’ve discovered.
Bless the world with who you really are —

Live your authentic Self.

Healing into Essential Well-BE-ing” addresses any imbalance — be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual — as the doorway or invitation to re-establish connection with your Self. El Ghazali, a Sufi mystic interchanges the words heart, spirit and soul and says it is a ”mysterious, divine substance which is related to the material heart like the relationship between the dweller and the house…” — this “mysterious substance” is the substance that heals.

The nature of this healing is a quantum leap beyond many current and past notions of healing that are oriented toward “fixing, changing or getting rid of” certain levels of discomfort without addressing the underlying root of the dysfunction or imbalance.

Healing into Essential Well-BE-ing” addresses the process of evolving consciousness through the exploration of dis-ease and disharmony that brings you to a new experience of being human. It is the process of personal transformation that is referred to in the wisdom teachings through the ages and which is known as “The Great Work.”

Your personal transformation is your Great Work. The outcome is the discovery and growth of your direct connection to the “mysterious divine substance” which is the wellspring of wholeness, well-being and peace. The riches won — your True Self.

“A human being has so many skins inside, covering the depths of the heart.
We know so many things, but we do not know ourselves.”

—Meister Eckhart   

The work of SpiritHeart and "Essential Well-BE-ing" is quite personal and will unfold in response to your individual needs. Through the use of multiple modalities including dialogue, inquiry, movement, breath, sound, the inspirations of the mystics, journaling, hands-on and energy healing, guided meditations, simple self-awareness practices, and the support of mindful body work and holistic aromatherapy, you will lift the veils that have kept you from the depth of your being.

If you are interested in engaging in this process of Healing into Essential Well-BE-ing,” or if you have any questions about our work, please contact Catherine or call 770.804.9270.