Essential Well-BE-ing

SpiritHeart and Essential Well-BE-ing –
A Revolution in the Journey of Life, The Evolution of Humanity

“Born from separation, the heart of the ego is small and tight
and filled with fear. The heart of the soul is the immensity of being itself,
and holds the whole world.”

SpiritHeart and Essential Well-BE-ing is a dynamic orientation for personal discovery, evolution and transformation that relies on your unique experience of and direct connection to life guided by the intelligence and centering power of your innermost heart — the heart of your soul. Recognizing the multi-dimensionality and untapped resources of a human being, the work of SpiritHeart supports you as a living system of awareness in having “Essential Well-BE-ing” through discovering and opening to the inherent wholeness and intactness of your essence as the living spirit sourcing your being and the flow of your soul. Your “spiritsoul” expressing through and as — informing and sustaining — your body, mind and heart.

As you begin to have your own personal experience of “Essential Well-BE-ing,” it serves as a dynamic force for the on-going evolution of your consciousness characterized by awareness, attunement, alignment, and authenticity. These qualities are reflected in your outer life as synchronicity and flow.

Looking through a wider lens, each of us is one of more than 6½ billion human beings on the earth right now. Every one of us is birthed of the same Power, Intelligence and Love that gave rise to the whole of creation. This same power gives rise to each of us and births us in this very moment. We are part of the Great Mystery of life and intimately connected to the Source of life. Most often, we live far removed from the vastness and potential of our birthright.

“We don’t breathe ourselves. We are breathed.”

“We don’t beat our own hearts.
Our hearts are sustained by and part of the Great Heart
that initiates the pulse and wave of Life.”

Every one of us is a child of this mystery, and every one of us is unique in all the world. By design, we are intelligent and inspired, we are inspirited beings living here expressing in and through physical forms as embodied souls.

However, by enculturation — how and where we were raised, through identification — the beliefs that we hold about who and how we are; or who and how we are not, and our operating program — the world view that we adopted from the time of our birth to about age seven, all conspire to keep us trapped in an idea of our self sometimes known as the ego or “little I”. The ideas and reactive emotions of our “little I” imprison us. In this prison, we live a “little life” removed from our True Self; like a trapped animal held back from our real life.

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”
                                                                                  — Albert Einstein

So here we all are born as the sons and daughters of the universe, and then there’s the business and busyness of our everyday lives carried out through the struggle, pain and suffering of being caught in our own web of misunderstandings, misconceptions, and misperceptions of our self, others and life — and most of all the greater pain of being disconnected from our True Self — who and what we really are.

As the sons and daughters of the Universe, it is our birthright to know this Power, Intelligence and Love very directly, very deeply and very intimately within and as our selves, within and as others and within and as all life. And as we experience the Power, Intelligence and Love implicit within our own life, within our own hearts, it acts as our teacher, guide and friend.

Cultivating and developing this capacity is what allows for self-revelation and self-remembering. It is what allows us to give birth to our True Self as well as nurture, grow and develop that True Self into a genuine and mature human of being living a fulfilling and authentic life.

“Nature never repeats herself, and the possibilities of one human
soul will never be found in another.”
                                                     — Elizabeth Cay Stanton

We are multidimensional beings, each one precious and unique in all the world. And to live the fullness of our humanity, we are called each one to give birth to our selves and then to do the on-going work of growing our selves as Divine Humanity — humans of BE-ing. We have not been exiled from heaven to live on the earth as entrapped souls. Rather we are the living bridges or conduits of Heaven and Earth. To respect and honor the uniqueness of our place in creation we must be nourished and fed with both physical food and spiritual food.

Whereas we look outside for the food for our body, for those who are ready we are called deep within our selves to find the food for our soul. Not everyone is ready to reach for the nourishment from within, but if you are ready, if you are called by an insatiable longing in your heart and soul then we are here to extend support to you on your sacred journey.

“There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated
through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time,
this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through
any other medium and be lost.”
                                                                        — Martha Graham

All that you need is already within you. I am here as a fellow journeyer — to witness with the support of skillful means and experience — to provide support as you uncover your self and unwrap and unwind your soul. Every human being has their own personal way to follow on their journey home. Some are now called to “Essential Well-BE-ing” a well-being that is inclusive of your body, heart and mind guided by your “spiritsoul”. This level of well-being exists as a quantum leap in the understanding and experience of well-being as it has been broadly known. Some are now called to a soul directed life that is guided by your deep innermost heart, the heart of your BE-ing what we call your SpiritHeart. Some are now called to live life with conscious awareness of the flow of your soul.

This emergent reality has always been present for the few, the mystics and sages of all traditions; but we stand at the turn of the evolutionary wheel for humanity wherein the recognition of the interconnectedness, interrelatedness and interpenetratedness of all life is both obvious and undeniable to an ever-growing part of the body of humanity.

“The little space within the heart is as great as the vast universe.
The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun and the moon and the stars.
Fire and lightening and winds are there, and all that now is and all that is not.”
                                                                             — The Upanishads

In the accelerated movement of everyday living the pain of human suffering is calling for soul-u-tions. The life of a human being separated from their “spiritsoul” is a pain and despair that goes beyond words. Just as you are unique in all the world, your real spiritual life is unique and personal to you. What we offer is support for your discovery of your direct and personal connection and the unfoldment of your inner life in and through your “spiritsoul”, and it’s expression through and as your body, your heart, and your mind.

SpiritHeart is here to support you in your own great work of discovering your personal soul-u-tions for the whole of your life so that you may know the power, love and wisdom of your innermost heart and have “Essential Well-BE-ing” as the dynamic force propelling you on your own evolutionary journey.

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