SpiritHeart’s Circles for “Essential Well-BE-ing”

SpiritHeart’s Circles for “Essential Well-BE-ing” are part of our vision to support people in coming together in community to heal into “Essential Well-BE-ing” through sharing in the experience of “every day spirit.” That is an exploration of spirit as a very natural and accessible part of life through the mystical tradition of direct knowing.

Symbolically, the circle represents the state of oneness — interpenetratedness and interconnectedness. Our circles support the creation of a full-bodied experiential learning allowing participants to enter into, and remember the “Oneness” that is the ground of “Essential Well-BE-ing.”

Remember in this context does not connote a mental activity. Rather, to re-member is to reorganize or reinstate a felt sense of integrity that allows an integrated alignment so that the perceived separations of body, mind, heart and soul melt away into the “isness” of pure being.

While each circle will have a theme — for example, meditation, presence or the body,— greater than the subject matter is the somatic learning of self awareness and attunement through the cultivation of the sensed inner experience through which the full body intelligence awakens.

Spiritheart’s Circles for "Essential Well-BE-ing" are an invitation into the organic play of discovering the harmonics of flow, ease and grace. Using movement, sound, breath and a variety of practices from the best of Eastern and Western healing modalities we offer support for relaxing into a fuller experience of your self and your capacities for touching and being touched by life. Please subscribe to the newsletter for upcoming offerings. If you would like to sponsor a Circle for Essential Well-BE-ing in your area, please contact us.

“God is a circle whose centre is everywhere
and whose circumference is nowhere.”

— Hermes Trismegistus                               

For further information please contact Catherine or call 770.804.9270