SpiritHeart’s Ceremonies & Rituals
for Living and Dying

It is the personalness of how we mark the rites of passage in our lives, and the lives of our family and friends that supports us in connecting in a meaningful way with the depth of our experience. In some instances our rites of passage are shared in community with those that we love. In some instances, our rites of passage are witnessed by just one or two others. And at certain times, our rites of passage are carried out in singleness with only our selves.

Catherine Anthony, D. Min., as an interdenominational minister and “everyday mystic,” is interested in supporting people in having ceremonies and rituals that arise as the creative and intelligent expression for honoring both the births and deaths of our human experience. Beyond our physical birth and death, there are many births and deaths within a lifetime — many moments of flowering and fullness and many moments of loss and letting go.

The ceremonies and rituals offered by SpiritHeart are meant to respect and honor the moments and transitions of your life in a way that is significant for you. Your need and your preferences will guide the creation of a very personal expression to honor particular moments of passage in your life.


For the infant:

Welcoming the soul to earth and honoring the newborn child, as well as the passage of the parents in their roles as mother and father. (And as appropriate the siblings as brothers and sisters.) It is a time of blessing the child as well as the family and community of friends who will support this child. Depending on your preference this ceremony can include the naming, baptism and annointing of the child.

For the couple:

Moving Toward Each Other — You are ready for a ceremony to recognize your relationship and your intention to partner together in life. What do you want to create with each other? Where are you in your relationship? Whether seeking a Marriage Ceremony or Commitment Ceremony, you will have support in reflecting on the meaning of your relationship and creating the vows and ceremony that reflect the personalness and uniqueness of your beliefs.

Recommitting & Refocusing — To answer the need of a couple who have come to a turning point in their relationship, having navigated troubled waters where the dissolution of the marriage was a real possibility, you are choosing to stay together and seek to reaffirm your commitment to each other and to your life together.

Renewal — You are celebrating an anniversary and wish to reaffirm your vows and mark the depth and significance of your relationship honoring the growth that you have supported in each other and the growth that you’ve shared in your life together.

In Transition and Death:

Letting Go — To lend support to the individual in transition and the family throughout the process of dying. For the person who is approaching their physical death, providing counseling, healing and annointing and the opportunity for a conscious rite of passage and completion in their return to the Mystery. For the family, to provide support and comfort for the grief and suffering as they release and let go of their loved one.

Funeral and Memorial Services — To honor, respect and celebrate the life of the person who has passed in a way that is meaningful and reflects the beliefs and culture of the individual and the loved one’s family and community.



For Different Stages of Maturation — marking the rights of passage that are most meaningful in the journey of our life. These are some possibilities: the movement from child to young adult to be marked between the ages of 13-16; the development into autonomous adulthood most often between the ages of 18-25; becoming a parent; beginning your life’s work or completing a particular phase of your life’s work; the loss of a parent, child or partner.

For Turning Points — There are movements in every life that affect us in a deep way. Some are obvious, and some are inward and subtle.

Dissolution of Marriage/Partnerhip & Divorce — You have made your best efforts, and you are clear that this is no longer a viable relationship. This is really a ritual for setting each other free. How can you separate from each other with dignity, honor and care? Letting go of the unfulfilled dreams, dissolving the vows, respecting the loss, releasing your couplehood, you stand independent of each other as you move forward into single living.

At Fifty — To honor where you’ve been, what you’ve learned, and to ask “who am I now?” What does your heart long for? What intentions do you hold for the “second half” of your life. In many ways, turning fifty can be both a process of initiation and a new birth. The capacity for discriminating what is truly important to you now and the recognition that your time here is, in fact, limited supports letting go of what is meaningless to you and focusing on what is creative, life affirming and fulfilling. It is a celebration of you and the unfolding of your life.

The Movement to Elder — Marking the growing mantle of maturity, this ritual honors the wisdom and impeccability that is only learned through experience and which is reflected in a life wherein right action arises from an inner sense of guidance. This is a dynamic maturity in which the fruits of your life are harvested and shared. You’re spirit and soul have been sculpted by life’s joys and sorrows, and you walk with dignity — respecting your self and the journey of your life. As you cross the threshold to elder, with every day you deepen your capacity for understanding. As an ever growing, ever greening sage you deepen into life. Through your touch and your words, you are a blessing to those who cross your path.

These are the obvious turning points, but you are the traveler on your path of life, and you know the inward change of direction that wants to be witnessed and marked. The movement that takes your breath away, or rends a veil, or lets you settle into a deeper understanding or carries you to a metaphorical death and rebirth — you know. SpiritHeart is dedicated to supporting you in recognizing and honoring the wisdom that arises from within you. If there is a particular “turning” that you want to mark, Catherine will work with you to create a ritual that supports your passage. Contact Catherine

Rev. Catherine has served as a minister of healing since 1987 when she received her ordination through The Spiritual Science Center of New York. Subsequently, she received her D. Min. through The University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland, California. Meet Catherine

For further information please contact Catherine or call 770.804.9270