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SpiritHeart’s Aromatherapy for “Essential Well-BE-ing”

Aromatherapy for “Essential Well-BE-ing” is a multi-faceted process that relies on:

1. An In-Depth Personal Assessment (2 hours) of overall health and well-being using:

  • The principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine for evaluating the flow of “Chi” — life force or vital energy — within the physical body.
  • The Five Element Theory of Oriental Medicine to ascertain the predominant psychological and emotional influences that are contributing to imbalances within the subtle bodies and overall patterns of imbalance and disharmony expressing through the physical body.
  • The psychodynamics of the personal history — family, relational, spiritual — to determine additional influences and challenges requiring support.
  • A sensed scan of the physical and subtle bodies and initial healing session for an intuitive understanding of what’s needed by this system.

2. Analysis and Creation of an Aromatherapy Protocol which utilizes:

  • The fragrance energetics as derived from the Chinese and Ayurvedic interpretations of the impact of particular plants according to taste, odor profiling, fragrance family and specific effects with respect to the physical, psychological and spiritual properties and capacities of an oil.
  • The use of Meridian and Acupressure Point Therapy as well as self-healing practices drawing on the wisdom of ancient Eastern traditions.
  • The study of the information gathered to meet intricacies of the individual’s needs and discern with great specificity the particular oils and blending required to balance and harmonize both the physical and subtle bodies.

3. An Educational and Treatment Session which provides:

  • A review of your personal analysis bringing understanding to the inter-relationship and complexity of your energy flow
  • A custom blend or blends as appropriate to your needs and an explanation of the specific properties of the oils chosen and an application protocol
  • Specific recommendations of acupressure points and self-healing practices and exercises to correct imbalances and support an easy, open energy flow to be used with your blend(s) or as an additional support
  • An in-person or distance healing session depending on your geographical location

Also available is an Environmental Assessment and Protocol to support your:

  • Personal Space
  • Family Space
  • Organizational Environment

Utilizing a diffuser/nebulizer which disperses essential oils into your environment for a short time can affect your environment for the purpose of creating a particular state or mood — increase focus or clarity, encourage rest and relaxation, foster optimism and positivity, support tranquility and peace, enhance creativity or invigorate and energize.
Additionally, specific oils can be used to protect against airborne viruses and bacteria during cold and flu season and can also be helpful in easing respiratory symptoms due to asthma, colds or allergies.

If you are interested in scheduling a session, or would like more information about Aromatherapy for “Essential Well-BE-ing,” please contact Catherine or call 770.804.9270.

“Humanity will be saved through the flower.”

— Huvenol     

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