As nature’s wellness ambassadors, essential oils — pure plant essences — have the capacity to influence and provide support for your whole being. On a physical level, essential oils can combat pathogens and viruses or allergens like mold and mildew. Certain oils are known for supporting mental clarity and focus, calming a busy mind or enhancing creative expression. Other oils create an ambience and evoke particular emotional qualities by harmonizing, comforting, soothing, uplifting or energizing. Additionally, the vibratory aspects of particular oils support sacred space and strengthen the attunement and alignment required for spiritual practice and meditation.

Furthermore, essential oils can enhance and focus the support of your environment — your work space, your home even your car — specifically addressing your personal needs and/or the needs of your family or organization.

For more information please visit both as an educational resource to learn more about aromatherapy and as a reliable distributor of therapeutic grade essential oils and the wide array of products utilizing essential oils offered by Young Living in support of your good health and optimal well-being. If you would like recommendations or assistance in selecting product(s) for yourself or as a gift please feel free to contact Catherine or call 770.804.9270.

Available Treatments:

Aromatherapy can be utilized as an independent modality and support for particular symptoms. In many instances the effectiveness of application can be greatly enhanced when combined with either one or more other modalities or used in conjunction with a personal program of energy healing, massage/body work and/or acupressure all of which can be administered by a trained therapist or incorporated as part of a program for self care.


“When the soul approaches the mysteries; when it tries to rally
to the great spiritual principles, the perfumes are there.”

— Marguerite Maury           

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