About SpiritHeart

Welcome to SpiritHeart — Your Resource for “Essential Well-BE-ing”

To access your SpiritHeart , the heart of your soul, is your birthright. To fulfill your capacity for “Essential Well-BE-ing” — a quiet mind, a peaceful heart, a relaxed body and present moment awareness — is your inheritance. (More about SpiritHeart and Essential Well-BE-ing) or (Founder/Meet Catherine)

SpiritHeart provides an integral approach to support your growth, development and genuine transformation. Engaging your spiritsoul, this work focuses on your whole being and nourishes and strengthens your body, your heart and your mind.

The benefits of “Essential Well-BE-ing” affect your whole life — so you have greater harmony and peace in your inner world and your outer world. The aim is to help you to live life consciously — guided by your innermost heart and aligned with the flow of your soul. As this alignment occurs, you bring greater awareness both to your “be-ing” — how you are in the world, as well as your “do-ing” — the actions you take in the world.

As you grow and mature emotionally and spiritually, your “do-ings” naturally become dynamic expressions of your “be-ing” — your true and authentic self. The benefits of living in integrity from the inside out result in increased mindfulness, authenticity and congruence evidenced as a heightened sense of vitality, clarity, spontaneity, fulfillment and overall well-being.

Based in Atlanta, GA, SpiritHeart supports clients throughout the United States and Europe. Sessions are offered in person at the home office, and the majority of services are readily accessible via distance sessions available by phone or Skype. At certain times teleclasses are available. (For upcoming news/events, please join our mailing list.

SpiritHeart exists as a means of promoting and supporting genuine wellness for your whole being and to support the healthy inter-dynamic of body, mind and spirit. I hope you enjoy exploring the different areas of this site, and I wish you the pleasure of deeply knowing and embodying the reality of your own SpiritHeart and
“Essential Well BE-ing”. (More about SpiritHeart and Essential Well-BE-ing

All the best,

Dr. Catherine Anthony, S.E.P.

(More about SpiritHeart and Essential Well-BE-ing) or (Founder/Meet Catherine)